Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What will the new quest be?

Well I would like to thank Peter Reinhart for his book American Pie. I had a great time this summer experimenting with all kinds of different dough recipes and toppings. I don't think I will ever order a pizza from a restaurant again. Just too much fun making them. And they taste greaaaaaat. Now as we move into the fall season, I will continue making pizzas but probably not on the BBQ.

I keep on forgetting to post my wing recipe. These are some of the best wings I have ever had. I will be posting it very soon. Wings and beer on a Friday night after work... well not gourmet but a great taste experience.

I think my next quest will be French Canadian Tortiere. Truly one of the French Canadian quintessential foods. I have my father's recipe which in my opinion simply can't be beat for flavour but there are thousands of recipes out there. I will post my father's recipe in the near future. Unfortunately I cannot post the pie crust recipe. It is a family secret. I will pass it on to my first born son this Christmas so that he can continue the tradition of tortiere at Christmas.

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