Friday, January 1, 2010

New Quests and Quests Revisited

As we enjoyed our New Year's Eve supper, our discussion revolved around how many new recipes we had tried in 2009. Probably the most fun we had was experimenting with the various pizza recipes we gleaned from Peter Reinhart's book. We now usually make pizza once a week. It is fun and it is delicious. And then of course was the challenge to find the perfect chili recipe. With a few modifications I think the one posted on this site is one of the best. I have had quite a few friends try it and they loved it. What quest will be pursued in 2010? Well, definitely we will continue on our quest for the perfect pizza. The possibilities are endless. Also as an amateur chef I have never really been into desserts. So I may try my hand at a few sweet treats. I will certainly post my failures and triumphs. Also now that I have this whole blogging thing down pat I also hope to include many more photos and videos of my adventures. The best to everyone in 2010.

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