Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fries Cooked in Duck Fat

I have always loved french fries. I remember when I was younger the chip truck would ring its bell as it came down the street and I would beg my parents to give me 75 cents for an extra large fry. Well times have changed and chip trucks no longer ring their bells on their streets.

If you want an extraordinary french fry experience, try making your own fries, fried up in rendered duck fat. I guarantee you will will never go back to chip truck fries.

Just buy some rendered duck fat, get a deep frying pan, bring the duck fat up to frying temperature. Hand cut a couple of russet potatoes and fry away. The taste is amazing. For you health watch people, duck fat is a very healthy fat. It is much healthier than butter. The only fat better is pure olive oil. French fries without the guilt: Priceless.

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